Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor

With the intelligent access level system, a school can easily be structured to any specific user access, and in my case the admin setup lets my TKI’s add the specific ground courses, giving me the opportunity to oversee their work instead – and opens time for me to focus on my other tasks as Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor like the attendance reports that my TKI’s make after every class, making sure students participated classes as required

The data was put into each user in system so I can see all subjects attended, calculating the percentage of participation, and with a few clicks in the user overview, check if an student were allowed to proceed or not, acting as a failsafe in the compliance part of my function. Working as an airline pilot, besides being CTKI and doing flight instructions, the flexible easy to use calendar system made it possible for me to be much more available than It would with regular booking by a flight dispatcher, giving me full control of my calendar.

All the features of the site, the fact students can find everything they need online easily, and also because of the social part of site, then I highly recommend AviAdmin to any school or company, for a more structured, efficient fully complaint setup.

“Andreas Vinding is working as an airline pilot. He used to be the CTKI and Flight instructor at Phoenix Flight Academy and have a wide background in aviation and pilot training. Besides that Andreas is also a pilot in the air national guard of Denmark”