Fully digital aviation management

The modern days of Aviation administration and the quality of it is essential. AviAdmin portal is made to secure fast and relentless productivity for the good of both the business operator and students. 

Calendar with many functions

Smart calendar with many functions. Flight Instructors can put up available flight time, students can book it directly for admin to approve and other features like Flight and cancellation reports, rentals etc. Also including a monthly roster for OPS planners

Document expiry & blocking system

AviAdmin has a variety of tools for the ease and secure flight of any pilot. If users documents such as license or medical is expired, system automatically block the use for flight booking etc.

Flight & Cancellation reports

EASA requirements to complex ATO states the necessity to document all flights and also if a flight is cancelled and the reason to it. AviAdmin portal has a full integrated FR and CR system,


Accounting system

Cashflow and immediate payments are importent in aviation, especially in pilotschools which has a big flow of different personalities. After each flight, and when flightreport is made, system puts the value of the flight in the accounting system for both admin and student to see.

Create Courses & Tests

Full LCMS Learning Content Management System and Web-Based tests. Setup any kind of courses like initial training course ITC or build an entire ATPL program and conduct progress tests.

Aircraft fleet and due times

Plane administration in ATO and AOC is a big and vital part of the business. The AviAdmin portal has many features for the administration of due times and maintenance.


Access control for everything

Be in full control of the portal. Different user types, has different access level to different portal features, all done by setting up different user presets.