Advanced Scheduler with reporting

If looking for a schedule system only, the AviAdmin Scheduler is the perfect choice. Based on the google calendar system, Scheduler is a very easy and visually thought through for optimum OPS performance. Create entries in various forms depending on type of operation, choose what type of operation, the people who are participating in the operation, which aircraft in use. After the flight user can create flight report with all the specific details of the flight and details relevant for the maintenance of the aircraft.


AviAdmin Scheduler features:

o Monthly / weekly / daily overview
o Day OPS roster© An AviAdmin exciting new OPS feature with daily operations entries and aircrafts in one view EFIS style
o Monthly roster system with options to set colors for each entry
o Two versions calendar view depending of user type. Full view and limited view
o Flight reports with all details about the flight operation
o Cancellation report
o Lesson reports (for flight schools)

And much much more.