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AviAdmin delivers Aviation Management Software (AMS) which offers a complete digitalisation of any aviation company/operation. If you only have a need for a Scheduling system or need to create e-learning/tests look at our seperate standalone packages such as Scheduler and LCMS. AviAdmin is a Cloud based system but can also be obtained as a licensed software for local server installation.


The AviAdmin advanced administrative aviation portal is an international aviation administration tool that offers allot of different features which will ease up the heavy load of aviation administration. To ensure any type of aviation business, AviAdmin has been developed so that it can easily be modified to fit any need of any business and can be updated with features to match your operations.

AviAdmin is configured to ATO’s, AOC’s, Aerial work business, flying clubs, glider clubs and other aviation business such as handling etc. but in any case – is easily adaptable and configurable to your needs. Contact us now to book a meeting for discussing how the portal can be adjusted to fit your needs.