AMS – Aviation Management System

Aviation business is probably the hardest business structure existing today. Not only does the management of an Aviation business have to be compliant to the company registry authorities and the tasks surrounding it, but they also have the operational compliance which is very substantial. Many business worked their way around it with various platforms and excel sheets, Dropbox items etc.

The AMS portal – Aviation Management System is a comprehensive tool designed to fully digitalise any Aviation business / operation and collecting all the daily workflows under one platform. Making aviation operations better, safer and lifting time consuming administration for an every day optimum operations. The AviAdmin AMS portal with its massive features, consists of every need in the daily operations to make sure nothing is lost and overseen by the various departments/post holders/managers of such a complex environment as the Aviation / Operations business.


AviAdmin AMS features:

o OPS Calendar – Advanced scheduling and planner with Day OPS roster and monthly roster

o Flight reports system. Flight reports, Cancellation reports, Lesson reports

o Aircraft maintenance system – Monitoring all due times and total times

o Maintenance Reminder system, all due times and expiry

o LCMS – Integrated Learning Content Management System. Build and setup any online study and test

o Flight time logging system & Flight time limitations (FTL)

o Flight lessons for in-flight filing

o Theory lessons with end date calculator

o Ground course attendance reports

o Online documents study – Student online document study all school docs and manuals

o EASA SMS system – Safety Management System

o User accounting system – With Flight reports payment

o Accounting department overview and blocking if insufficient funds

o Pilots documents expiry notification and blocking system

o Student current flight and theory status system

o Internal/external mail system

o Flight operations planning area

o Trails booking system frontend plugin

o Complete notification system

o Management pilots hours summary (accounting)

o Aircraft direct operating costs (DOC)

o Picture gallery of the business general events for users

o Partner pages internal linking setup

o Discussion forum between students and instructors

o Export options to PDF and Excel for many areas like users, maitenance etc.

o Receive online payments for flights with PayPal or other payment merchant

And much, much more…